Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Start, New Project (Or: Well Jeez, December Was Anti-Climactic. Take Two, Shall We?)

Dear Self:

This month was pathetic. Get thine arse back into gear.

With Love,


My goodness, has it really been almost a month? At what point did December 6, 2011 become January 1, 2012? This is terrible!

What makes this worse is that today is usually the day the bloggers come out of hiding with their list of resolutions, with "BLOG MORE DAMMIT" somewhere in that list. So, I'll get this part out of the way:

Resolution #1: BLOG MORE DAMMIT!

Actually, I have a whole laundry list of things I want to do with 2012 that I wanted to/meant to/should have done in 2011 but either couldn't, didn't, or simply didn't have the time to do. I won't bore the world with the non-writing related ones, but for anyone who is interested, the writing ones will be located in a tab to the left of this post.

The one thing I can safely say I DID do since my last post (which, seriously, was technically not only last month but last YEAR. Good lord I suck sometimes!) is keep working on my WIP. Some days are infinitely better than others, but the story continues to move forward with far less protest/whining/writer's block/general foolishness than I feared. Christmas and my birthday came in very quick succession over the last month and I was gifted a terrific keyboard for my tablet AND a new netbook computer, so I now have absolutely NO EXCUSE to not have mobile writing capacity. I also received the album from which this great song came, and as I suspected, it has effectively become the soundtrack of choice for writing.

In other words, there is absolutely no reason for me not to press on, finish my WIP, meet my writing goals for 2012, and finally stop being dull around here!

But, seriously, I need to write here more, dammit. I need widgets. And alarm reminders. Maybe an alarm widget on my phone that screams "BLOG!" every five minutes until I do so. But then I would need that alarm in other places too, like my watch. And my music player. And probably my teacup.

Perhaps I should just tattoo it to my forehead. Then I won't forget!

What are your writing resolutions for 2012? 


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